Computers are defining the jobs, markets, and business and greatly influencing the way we live and think. For our children to thrive, it’s important for them to not only be conversant with using computers but also be aware of how it works and how they can use it to solve problems and create things around them.

However, schools either teach to use applications or teach computer science from secondary grades pitching students directly against mostly used programming languages like Java, etc. This sudden exposure leads to rote learning of concepts and kids fail to explore the beauty of the subject. Some schools try to teach Logo in elementary grades as part of computer subject but spiraling of computational concepts and practices are lacking. The idea of integrating computer with self and surrounding, using it to build expression, solve problems is often missed out which undermines the potential of computers.

Thus, there is lack of access to learn computer science in and after school. There is a huge gap in teaching computer science in schools One of the root causes of the problem is the lack of awareness and the contributing factors are lack of curriculum, dearth of resources, lack of professional development opportunities for teachers and schools and lack of learning opportunities for kids besides school.


Every kid codes to express their feelings about self and surrounding and learn problem solving.


We work with schools and organization working with children to empower them to bring coding to their children.

Our Model

We partner with schools and organization to organize after school coding programs in their campus for kids which aims at building 21 century skills. School nominates a teacher to lead the program in the school who is supported by us with resources and regular trainings which empowers the teacher to lead the program and facilitate the coding sessions for kids. Teacher receives stipend of 30 % of the program revenue and a certificate which gives credibility to teachers for leading basic coding program for kids. Kids can sign up for the session and attend the session after school twice or thrice a week as per the customized program. Kids pay subsidized fee for the program which in turn goes for the resource package for kids, teacher stipend, operations and development of the program.

Besides after school programs, we also support schools to mainstream the coding curriculum for the elementary grades by offering program resources, regular training, monitoring and evaluation and continuous technical support.

We also organize Hackathon for kids, which is an hour event, to provide kids opportunity to showcase their skills to computationally think create, problem solve, collaborate and persevere. It also aims at creating awareness about computer science and its benefits.

Scratch Program

Learning high level programming language for beginners poses two challenges i.e. mastering the logic and the syntax. It becomes convenient for beginners to learn coding if exposure to logic is done first and then syntax.

Our four programs gradually expose kids to concepts, practices and mindsets needed to learn coding with Scratch. They empower kids to make creative applications to express their learning about self and surrounding which brings relevance and makes the process engaging and joyful.

A program consists of curriculum framework, with around 10 lesson plans for facilitators, assessments and aligned resources which help facilitators execute sessions efficiently and effectively. Moreover, the monitoring structure helps in identifying the growth of the kids.

In the span of three years, we want to build story based programs for preschoolers and industry relevant courses for elementary and secondary grades.

Program Support

We provide service which includes regular training to introduce and be conversant with the program resources to help facilitators in implementation of program. Moreover, there is ongoing support for facilitators’ to solve technical queries.

Students Wall

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