We support schools and organizations with curriculum framework and aligned resources (sample video lessons, lesson plan, graphic organizers, assessments and trackers) which help them to implement the coding program.

Teachers/Facilitators find the resources helpful in order to conduct the coding lessons for kids as the resources are easily to comprehend, makes them aware about the outcomes and helps to assess them, helps them to visualize the flow of the lesson, gives them step by step approach to progress, track and reflect on the progress to identify the next steps.

Currently, we offer Course 1 for elementary kids on Scratch and a sample 5 video lesson program for teachers to understand the basic flow of the lesson.

Course 1

The Course 1 of Code to Enhance Learning is designed for kids from grade 4-6 to help them learn to code on a block based platform called Scratch developed by MIT Media Labs. It provides a beginning understanding of coding to kids and build concepts, skills and mindsets which are relevant in current digital world in a scaffold manner with activities and projects relevant to their age group.

It’s a 15 hour course which consist of unplugged and plugged lessons and projects which helps kids to practice and master concepts like Sequence, Event and Loops, skills and mindsets like Abstraction and Perseverance which helps kids to write programs and are even relevant to the current world.

Moreover, the course empowers kids to problem solve and express their feelings and learning about self and surrounding by making animations and applications in a fun way. (more…)

Video Lessons

People across globe have started understanding the importance of teaching coding to kids as it helps them think and it is language of the future. One of the best environment, I have seen to teach coding to beginners is Scratch as it gives wide range of blocks to program ensuring you the best platform to be creative.

There are many resources online and offline available which can help you begin learning code with help of Scratch. However, I have seen that most courses gives knowledge about the tools/blocks in Scratch. I think one of the bigger purpose of coding is also to integrate and help in engaging kids with the learning and give them chance to express their learning while making games and application so that they are becoming confident about their learning, and I have seen few resources catering to this.

Also, I have seen that teachers even after being taught the blocks of Scratch find it hard to design whole lesson to facilitate the class, so that kids are able to analyze, think critically and create something integrated to curriculum and things around them, due to lack of cheap resources and guidance especially in India.

So, I have made an introductory course to teach coding to elementary kids and above. It aims at developing sequential and computational skills in kids with the help of Scratch environment through lessons which will help them create animations and games. (more…)

Self Learning Lessons for Scratch Jr.

We believe that coding is one of the best ways to express self and problem solve and can be taught to kids of age of 5 and above also.

Scratch Jr. is a free application that helps kids of age 5 above to code interactive stories and games. However, there are less resources available which can help kids and their parents to start building the stories and interactive games.

We have designed a set of 10 lessons to teach kids to code on Scratch Jr. These set of coding lessons have a main character called Luna who lives in a village in India and by making connection kids make interactive applications. Moreover, the lessons focus on the challenges of women in rural India and educate kids about the challenges . The coding lessons are about girls should dream, menstrual health, production consumption cycle of a product, etc.

Kids get a booklet of a lesson and they read the instructions on the page and try to follow the instructions to maeon the stage. At certain points, there are thinking questions where kids are supposed to respond as per their experience and context which helps them connect and relate to the world they live in.

The lessons are as follows,

Lesson 1 Luna wants to be a pilot V3

Lesson 2 We all are unique V5