We support schools and organizations with curriculum framework and aligned resources (sample video lessons, lesson plan, graphic organizers, assessments and trackers) which help them to implement the coding program.

Teachers/Facilitators find the resources helpful in order to conduct the coding lessons for kids as the resources are easily to comprehend, makes them aware about the outcomes and helps to assess them, helps them to visualize the flow of the lesson, gives them step by step approach to progress, track and reflect on the progress to identify the next steps.

Currently, we offer Course 1 for elementary kids on Scratch and a sample 5 video lesson program for teachers to understand the basic flow of the lesson.

CEL Beginner Coding Curriculum

The Beginner Coding Curriculum of Code to Enhance Learning, a non-profit, is customized for teachers and educators of Firki portal who are looking forward to a start to bring coding to their students.

Many teachers think that it takes exceptional technical skills and intelligence which only a few people have to bring coding to kids. However, we believe that it doesn’t!

This curriculum gives incredible introduction to coding and helps any enthusiastic teacher to overcome all the fear of learning and teaching coding and empowers them to bring coding to their students.

Moreover, the detailed framework, comprehensive lessons plans, engaging videos and worksheets will help teachers to learn coding as well as start teaching in effective and efficient ways to students of grade 4 and above.

Students create animations and applications about things around them and begin their journey into wonderful world of coding building critical thinking and creativity.

So, let’s get started!!!


Self Learning Lessons for Scratch Jr.

We believe that coding is one of the best ways to express self and problem solve and can be taught to kids of age of 5 and above also.

Scratch Jr. is a free application that helps kids of age 5 above to code interactive stories and games. However, there are less resources available which can help kids and their parents to start building the stories and interactive games.

We have designed a set of 10 lessons to teach kids to code on Scratch Jr. These set of coding lessons have a main character called Luna who lives in a village in India and by making connection kids make interactive applications. Moreover, the lessons focus on the challenges of women in rural India and educate kids about the challenges . The coding lessons are about girls should dream, menstrual health, production consumption cycle of a product, etc.

Kids get a booklet of a lesson and they read the instructions on the page and try to follow the instructions to maeon the stage. At certain points, there are thinking questions where kids are supposed to respond as per their experience and context which helps them connect and relate to the world they live in.

The lessons are as follows,

Lesson 1 Luna wants to be a pilot V3

Lesson 2 We all are unique V5