Course 1

The Course 1 of Code to Enhance Learning is designed for kids from grade 4-6 to help them learn to code on a block based platform called Scratch developed by MIT Media Labs. It provides a beginning understanding of coding to kids and build concepts, skills and mindsets which are relevant in current digital world in a scaffold manner with activities and projects relevant to their age group.

It’s a 15 hour course which consist of unplugged and plugged lessons and projects which helps kids to practice and master concepts like Sequence, Event and Loops, skills and mindsets like Abstraction and Perseverance which helps kids to write programs and are even relevant to the current world.

Moreover, the course empowers kids to problem solve and express their feelings and learning about self and surrounding by making animations and applications in a fun way.

The course has following resources which helps teacher to effectively and efficiently execute the lessons,

  • Framework with the lesson objective and learning outcomes focusing on specific concepts, skills and mindsets
  • Scratch file of the lesson task which helps teacher and students understand what they are supposed to make.
  • Lesson plan which helps teacher to prepare for the lesson,
  • A presentation acting as a visual aid which helps teacher to execute lesson,
  • Graphic organizer which helps students to organize their thoughts and
  • Assessments, Rubrics and Tracker so as to gauge and monitor the growth of the kids.

Course 1 Sample Resources

01 Sample Course 1_Introduction_Code to Enhance Learning

02 Sample Course 1_Framework_Code to Enhance Learning

03 Sample Course 1_Rubric_Code to Enhance Learning

Lesson 1 Maze:

Lesson 1 Maze_Unplugged Lesson Plan

Lesson 1 Maze_Unplugged Lesson Assessment

Lesson 1 Maze_Unplugged Lesson Presentation

Lesson 2 Lesson 2 Penguin and Fish:

Lesson 2 Penguin and Fish Lesson Plan

Lesson 2 Penguin and Fish Lesson Assessment

Lesson 2 Penguin and Fish Lesson Presentation