Hackathon for Kids

On 3 February 2018, we organized a Hackathon for Kids under the project Code to Enhance Learning at, a low income school, Shama School, Ahmedabad which was an hour sprint event where kids were supposed to make an application or animation about self or community which they like and or want to change to express or solve a problem on Scratch, block based programming environment developed by MIT Media Labs. The participants were then asked to present their project in front of a panel of 2 judges, who were from Teach For India staff, Fellow, Alums, story teller, guest professor and in house teacher, followed by Q & A. The purpose of the Hackathon was to give kids chance to showcase the skills relevant to current world which they have been learning as part of the coding course in this academic year of Code to Enhance Learning.

It was an all girls event where 40 girls participated from grade 4-9 in the Hackathon and made 40 different projects and all were about different things like Girl power, Children’s Life, child labor, transport systems, water pollution, etc.  The projects were either in form of animation or interactive virtual books. It was nice to see that all of them came planned with the layout of the project and content with some good deliberation and few even came up with steps written about what they will do. The project of kids were gauged on seven criteria i.e. project completion, creativity, problem solving, collaboration, perseverance, experimenting and abstraction in a simulating a real life situation as we asked them they could refer to any resource, ask questions even to judges, collaborate with peers, etc. The kids would now be given feedback on their performance on each criteria which they can discuss with their teachers and understand the steps which they can follow to grow on the skills.


There were many interesting things I saw in throughout the event and really felt overwhelmed. Firstly, the amount of support the school and the judges, who were even not related to the school or project, gave so that kids are able to perform best to their potential spending time with them, helping them, motivating them, etc. I saw that each one of us had the feeling of community working towards something big. Secondly, the kids are so hungry to create and things and they observe things around well. They never blinked while coding and at certain point when the room didn’t have judges or school staff still there was no noise and they were so focused.


One last amazing thing was the grit and never give up attitude I saw when few of the girls lost their project because of some technical issue they for a second didnt drop their shoulders and immediately tried making it again or started presenting the project without dropping their shoulders. I specifically remember one girl sharing that “(in Hindi) Sir kuch bhi ho bas karna hai!

I hope that you enjoyed it!

Scratch is good thing…

Scratch is a good thing and day by day we are getting to learn new things on it. We have done so many projects but my favorite project was things around us because after completing my project I included my voice in tin ad made it play by animals. The thing which I got in trouble was to take sprite to backdrop. The things which I liked very much in Scratch was that we were using different backdrops and different sprite in every project. By Scratch we got to know that may be people making cartoons or presentation uses Scratch. We got fresh and every time we learn new things.

First we were doing paint and were typing so we were just writing that things which were given. But in Scratch we are including our ideas and we are making it on our own so we stared thinking our project by us and doing it by our own.


7th Grade student.


Scratch?? We don’t know that what is Scratch because at first, we do Wordart and Paint, etc. And then bajji gave us this project called Scratch and the first project of Scratch is Penguin and Fish. At first, we fell hard to build this project then we feel easy because whenever, we don’t know how to do this so that time bajji helped had help teach us, help us to solve our problems and when we make this project we feel that we are doing something new and creative work.

When we are making the projects we collaborate with each other like we help each other, we were sharing new and more ideas, etc.

Next project was flying helicopter. In the helicopter project we want to move helicopter from four side and we want to choose two sprites. So, it was getting difficult for us but, whenever doing more and more practice and consentrating on the project. So, it gets easy for us and we get more creativity. While doing this project when something is difficult for me. So, my friends help me and bajji too. After that we had so many projects.

When we are making the projects we collaborate with each other like we help each other, we were sharing new and more ideas, etc.

From this projects and Scratch we know about how to do the creative things.

Grade 8 Student

30 January 2018

[This is a blog by our student who wanted to share about her experience of coding on Scratch with others.]