Code (with Scratch) to Enhance Learning

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The book Code (with Scratch) to Enhance Learning gives a basic introduction to code using Scratch’s block based programming language in scaffold manner, with easy language, illustrations and lots of images to provide visual learning, to build basic programming skills.

It empowers kids/beginners to create simple applications to showcase their learning or express themselves with the help of multiple projects, in the end of the book, integrated with different subjects like English, Science and Math. These projects are shared on the Scratch site and can be accessed when needed.

For example, creating a project showing earth revolving around the sun and kids adding details to it as per their liking could be a creative way to integrate the classroom learning and coding. They will analyze, synthesize their classroom learning and use coding skills to make projects and present it to others.

This book is for kids above 9 who can access computer as they can create small projects in Scratch, for parents who would want to engage with kids in activities to create learning experiences for kids as they can code with their kids to make creative projects and also for teachers who want to teach code as it will help them plan their beginning lessons. Any enthusiastic person who wants to learn to code can benefit from this book.

Paper back 60 pages. Price: Rs. 250 + Shipping Charges

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