CEL Kids Hackathon 2019

Activities during the Felicitation Event

CEL Kids Hackathon 2019 was a huge success with 1157 children from 56 schools across 16 cities participated. In an after math survey, 90% of the participants want to participate in CEL Kids Hackathon 2020. 80 % of the participants said their understanding of coding deepened and UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

The participants were evaluated on the following criteria,
1) Relevance and Purpose, 2) Computational Concepts, 3) Design and 4) Collaboration. The average score of the 1157 participants on the evaluation criteria is as follows based on our rubric on a scale of 5 is,

The participants came from government, low income, middle income and international schools. Moreover, there were for profit organizations also participated in the CEL Kid Hackathon 2020.


“That there should be hacathon part also in studies.”

-A student from Acharya Tulsi Sarvodya Bal Vidyalaya, Dehli

“Kids loved the challenge. Though it was overwhelming for them, they enjoyed the excitement and learning. Thank you so much and eagerly waiting for the next year’s event.”

– A teacher from Avsara Academy, Pune

“It was a fun experience to gauge the first hand latent talent of many young kids. It was an opportunity to provide constructive feedback to kids and contribute my experience to build CEL’s knowledge base.”

– Samir Mody, VP, Threat Control Lab, K7 Computing Ltd. Also, member of expert panel of CEL Kids Hackathon 2019


We are extremely grateful to our donors below for making a concerted effort by contributing to CEL Kids Hackathon 2019,
Minal Desai
Ashish Bhosale
Vivek Hanchate
Ram Prasad N
Benow (Anonymous)
Jennifer (Anonymous)
Tarun Jangid
Devlekar Axaykumar Manojkumar

Felicitation Event Partner

We are thankful to K7 Computing Pvt. Ltd. for being our felicitation event partner to encourage participants to give their best to showcase their coding talent and to recognize and celebrate winners.