Code Education Crisis

Coding is crucial in development of the game changing technologies to solve many challenging problems in India. Even kids can code to create solutions to pressing problems around them.
However, the skill is limited to few privileged kids only.
There are 80 million kids in primary education in India. And 80% of the coding potential remain untapped  in schools as per a  report.
Imagine if they are empowered to code to solve problems of day to life. 

How Do We Bring Change?

We do customized interventions in schools and organization working with children to make teaching coding simple and learning coding fun from primary grades.

 Our Journey

Our Programs

CEL Student Coding Program

A well crafted program designed for children to help them learn coding in fun way.

CEL Teacher Coding Program

A teacher empowerment program to teach coding in fun way with right tools in hassle free manner.

CEL Kids Hackathon

A collaborative national coding event to help kids learn code and showcase their coding talent by solving problems aligned to UN’s SDGs.

Students Wall

Tarun and Nirav of grade 6 in a Hindi medium school in Ahmedabad made this application on Scratch where the user can click icons to learn different content. Kids identified the need of fun learning resources to break the monotonous classroom routine.

Our Partners and Intervened School

A fun experience to gauge the first hand latent coding talent!!

It was a fun experience to gauge the first hand latent talent of many young kids. It was an opportunity to provide constructive feedback to kids and contribute my experience to build CEL’s knowledge base.”

Samir Mody

VP, Threat Control Lab, K7 Computing Ltd. Also, member of expert panel of CEL Kids Hackathon 2019

Program is designed keeping the needs of students in mind!

The CEL coding program has been designed really well keeping the context and the needs of the students in mind. In the era of websites and apps, CEL program gives students an opportunity to develop basic understanding of how coding is done and prepares them to make a better decision in the future. The students enjoyed the entire period of the program and parents asked for more sessions of coding for their children.

Tejas Mehta

Assistant School Leader

Really rewarding for all our students!!!

Working with CEL has been really rewarding for all our students. We have seen them grow in confidence, develop an interest in coding, and become more open to trying out different ideas. Irfan’s work has been coordinated, clear, and of high quality. We are hoping to work with CEL for many years to come so that we can give all our students a chance to learn coding and use it to problem solve.

Apoorv Shah

City Director, Teach for India, Ahmedabad

Delighted to have CEL!

We have been delighted to have Irfan conduct the coding classes for Riverside students.  Besides the discipline he brings to his planning, its his gentleness and patience that truly makes each session meaningful. His curriculum is not just content – but also compassion- that is what makes Irfan special 🙂

Kiran Sethi

Founder, Riverside Education Foundation

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