CEL Beginner Coding Curriculum

The Beginner Coding Curriculum of Code to Enhance Learning, a non-profit, is customized for teachers and educators of Firki portal who are looking forward to a start to bring coding to their students.

Many teachers think that it takes exceptional technical skills and intelligence which only a few people have to bring coding to kids. However, we believe that it doesn’t!

This curriculum gives incredible introduction to coding and helps any enthusiastic teacher to overcome all the fear of learning and teaching coding and empowers them to bring coding to their students.

Moreover, the detailed framework, comprehensive lessons plans, engaging videos and worksheets will help teachers to learn coding as well as start teaching in effective and efficient ways to students of grade 4 and above.

Students create animations and applications about things around them and begin their journey into wonderful world of coding building critical thinking and creativity.

So, let’s get started!!!

The course has following resources which helps teacher to effectively and efficiently execute the lessons,

Lesson 1 Sing a Rhyme

Lesson 2 Things Around Me

Lesson 3 Things I do in a Day

Lesson 4 Flying Helicopter

Lesson 5 Where is it?