How to Write Problem Statement for Kids

This is a  video series to help kids Plan, Research, Synthesize and Refine information needed to write Effective Problem Statements for any kind of Problem Solving process and competitions.

Our video series will help kids frame qualitative and quantitative problem statements. It will help kids to explore more about the people facing the problem, their experience and identify the causes.

The video shares a four step process to frame the problem statement i.e. plan, research, synthesize. Each video focuses on one step. It introduces the step by the protagonist with examples/one specific example and fun to do activities for kids. This video series would be a great resource to write the concept note while participating in CEL Kids Hackathon, a coding event for kids in grade 5-9 to showcase their coding talent. Moreover, it would be a great resource while participating in any problem solving event/competition. In addition to that, this video series would be a great help while planning an informative essay writing lesson for children in primary grades.

We believe that this video series would help you to explore and communicate the problem better and design innovative solutions to impact maximum number of people around you.

1. Plan

2. Research

3. Synthesis

4. Refine