Winner CEL Kids Hackathon 2020


In CEL Kids Hackathon 2020, 1264 kids were registered by schools and parents so that kids can showcase their coding talent by solving problems aligned to UN’s Sustainable Development Goals.

We want to thank all the kids, parents, teachers and schools/organizations for participating in CEL Kids Hackathon 2020 to make it a great movement to build 21st century skills in kids so that they can express and solve problems. It was inspiring to see the amount of crazy past weeks they have spent with kids making all sacrifices going beyond time to ensure kids learn 21st century relevant skills and use it from now to bring a positive change.

The projects made by kids are simply incredible at such young age and we can only imagine the hard work gone behind it. We admire the energy trickling down from their concepts notes and projects to change the world and help people around. We are sure that these little coders are going to make a big positive dent in the society with all such supporting people around.

We are happy to share the top 6 winners of CEL Kids Hackathon 2020 after a rigorous multi step evaluation process with experts considering different perspectives. We believe that these top 6 teams have shown overall brilliant performance on evaluation criteria and have created incredible projects to express/solve contextual problems to progress towards sustainable development goals. We want to congratulate the winners, their teachers, parents and schools on this achievement.

We encourage all participants, teachers, schools, distinguished organizations and other stakeholder to take these as proof points to reshape the learning curve in their journey. This will empower kids in India and beyond to identify/define the problems around, learn relevant skills and create meaningful products to solve problems to make our world a better place from now itself.

The top 6 winners are as follows,

1st Prize:
CEL Number:              CEL202327
Name of participant 1: VRUSHAB.G.M
Grade of participant 1: 8
Name of Participant 2: UDIT.H
Grade of participant 2: 8
Entry Format:                    School
School Name:                    Orchids International School Vivekananda
City:                                     Bangalore
Scratch Project Link: Here
Concept Note Link: Here

2nd Prize
CEL Number:             CEL2009
Name of participant 1: Veda Anand
Grade of participant 1: 5
Name of Participant 2: Aadya Raval
Grade of participant 2: 5
Entry Format:                   Independent    
City:                                    Pune
Scratch Project Link: Here
Concept Note Link: Here

3rd Prize
CEL Number:              CEL2004
Name of participant 1: Govind Kumar
Grade of participant 1: 6
Name of Participant 2: Abhinav Ghosh
Grade of participant 2: 7
Entry Format:                   Independent
City:                                    Bangalore
Scratch Project Link: Here
Concept Note Video Link: Here

4th Prize
CEL Number:              CEL2001
Name of participant 1: Shreyas J S
Grade of participant 1: 5
Name of Participant 2: Srishti J S
Grade of participant 2: 5
Entry Format:                    Independent    
City:                                     Chennai
Scratch Project Link: Here
Concept Note:  Here

5th Prize
CEL Number:              CEL200501
Name of participant 1: Parshva Tatiya
Grade of participant 1: 8
Name of Participant 2: Parshva Samdadiya
Grade of participant 2: 8
Entry Format:                  School
School Name:                    Techphiles
City:                                     Nashik
Scratch Project Link:       Here
Concept Note: Here

6th Prize
CEL Number:              CEL201013
Name of participant 1: Shaawanah
Grade of participant 1: 7
Name of Participant 2: Bushra
Grade of participant 2: 7
Entry Format:                   School  
School Name:                   Shama Madrasa School
City:                                    Ahmedabad
Scratch Project Link: Here
Concept Note: Here

We also wish best to all the participants in their future coding journey!

Keep coding! See you in 2021!