CEL Kids Hackathon

CEL Kids Hackathon is a short sprint collaborative coding event for students in grades 5 to grade 9. The students would be required to participate in pairs. Children would be given a condition for which they have to create an application on Scratch and submit it to us along with a concept note to be reviewed by our expert panel.  

It could be organized by schools or organizations in their campus by their computer teacher registering as School Entry. Moreover, children can organize this at their home during the CEL Kids Hackathon week i.e. from  registering as Independent Entry. The top 3 winners from the School Entry and Independent Entry would be felicitated with medal and cash prize. However, all children would get a certificate after successful submission of their application along with concept note.

The purpose CEL Kids Hacktathon is to give kids a chance to showcase their coding talent and celebrate it.  Hackathons for kids helps kids to showcase their coding talent, builds creative, problem solving, collaboration and perseverance in kids and gives recognition to students who excel at it.

School Entry:
Download ToolKit here.

It is a format of CEL Kids Hackathon where schools or organizations are encouraged to conduct the event in their campus for their kids. Here is how the event would look like,

  • School registers for the event selecting a date to conduct the hackathon during the CEL Hackathon Week
  • School enrolls kids in pairs from grades 5-grade 9 to participate in the event
  • School submits student list as directed
  • School receives the situation for hackathon through email and communicates to kids a week before CEL Hackathon Week so that kids can start preparing for the hackathons
  • School conducts the hackathon for the selected kids on the decided day where kids get 90 minutes to make their project
  • School gives 30 minutes to kids to prepare concept note
  • Schools are encouraged to give kids chance to pitch the project they have made in front of other kids, parents, teachers, guests, etc.
  • School submits the project of kids and concept note as directed

Thats it!

Independent Format:
Download Toolkit here

If the school is this year not organizing CEl Kids Hackathon then you can participate with your friend through the Independent Entry.

  • Kids register with one friend as pairs
  • Kids receive the situation for the Hackathon at the beginning of the CEL Hackathon Week
  • Kids work at home on their own to complete the project
  • Kids submit the project by the end of CEL Hackathon Week along with concept note as directed

And you are done!


We are extremely grateful to our donors below for making a concerted effort by contributing to CEL Kids Hackathon 2019,
Minal Desai
Ashish Bhosale
Vivek Hanchate
Ram Prasad N
Benow (Anonymous)
Jennifer (Anonymous)
Tarun Jangid
Devlekar Axaykumar Manojkumar

Felicitation Event Partner

We are thankful to K7 Computing Pvt. Ltd. for being our felicitation event partner to encourage participants to give their best to showcase their coding talent and to recognize and celebrate winners.