Children using coding as a tool to build
applications to solve local problems.
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“Coding was a very unfamiliar idea and I thought it was
restricted to computersalone. Through CEL I realised
that codingis about solving problems more broadly.
CEL has allowed me to explore my ideas logically and
in depth.” - A student
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Children irrespective of their background can
have fun and engaging learning experience
and become confident to face daunting
problems in real life.
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“CEL coding classes were fun and engaging. My son,
who is 10 years old, looked forward to his weekly class.
While we had to remind him repeatedly for other classes,
this is one class he would remember on his own and
eagerly look forward to.” A parent
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Code to Enhance Learning is a non-profit that uses coding as a tool to build critical thinking, creativity, collaboration and perseverance in children in grade 4-9.


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Student Coding Program

A well crafted program
for students facilitated by
inhouse experts.

Teacher Coding Program

A training and support program for teachers to implement CELs coding curriculum effectively and efficiently

CEL Kids Hackathon

A national level coding event for kids
in grade 5-9 to showcase their coding talents.


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