1. Open Source Coding Curriculum

CEL Coding Curriculum consists of 6 courses which gradually exposes kids, from age 9-14, to concepts, practices and mindsets to develop computational thinking and other 21st century skills. It empowers kids to make creative applications and animations to express themselves and surroundings which brings relevance and makes the process engaging and joyful. Click here to watch the video to have insights of the classroom and student projects.

The salient features of CEL Coding Curriculum are,
  1.  Scaffold curriculum with focus on researched concepts, skills and mindset to build thinking and 21st century skills.
  2. Higher engagement and confident kids through hands on contextual pedagogy to express and solve problems around them
  3.  Use of open source technologies and tools to make the learning process smooth and  affordable

Course 1 Learn to code with Scratch

Course 2 Learn to code with Pocket Code

Learn to code with HTML, CSS & JavaScript

2. Video Series on Skills and Mindset

How to Write Problem Statement for Kids

Collaboration for Kids

CS Unplugged Video Series

Student Showcase