Identify problems around and write a problem statement.


Work with peers to brainstorm solution


Create animation, games, applications, webpage, physcial computing device


Share the story of change with larger group of audience

Our pedagogical philosophy of Observe-Brainstorm-Code-Pitch empowers children’s confidence to use technology and builds more stakeholder investment.

The crux of the curriculum and pedagogy, Observe-Brainstorm-Code-Pitch is children connect with their environment and observe beautiful and not-so-beautiful things. They collaborate with their peer to express things they like/want to change or solve a problem. They code projects on different programming tools and pitch their story of change to different stakeholders in the community.


Student Coding Program

CEL Student Coding Program is a well-crafted program designed for students. The goal is to empower them to use coding as a medium of self expression and problem solving. The Expert Facilitator of CEL works directly with students to create amazing learning experiences for children.

Technologies like Scratch, HTML-CSS-JS, Arduino, App Inventor, etc. are used to help children make animations, games, application, web page and physical computing devices.



Teacher Coding Program

CEL Teacher Coding Program is a well-crafted program designed for teachers. The goal is to empower them to facilitate coding sessions for children in grade 4-9. They get access to researched curriculum and engaging pedagogies and are trained to deliver them effectively and efficiently.

The training focuses on content knowledge, curriculum design, pedagogy, classroom management, assessments and data analysis and personal leadership.


CEL Kids Hackathon

CEL Kids Hackathon is an annual collaborative coding event for students in grades 5 to grade 9. The is to help them begin their coding journey and showcase their coding talent.  They identify and solve contextual problems aligned to the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals (SDG). 

The students participate in pairs and use Scratch, HTML-CSS-JS or Physical Computing to create their solutions They also get a chance to pitch the solution to experts to share their story of change.

code on wheels

Code on wheels

Code on Wheels is a mobile computer science lab with Alexa, 3 d printer, laptops, television, etc. that travels to semi-urban, rural and tribal areas conducting 2-day workshops to spread awareness about 21st-century skills using computer science and coding. 

On the first day, students learn to work on a computer and code to make animated stories about their community. On the second day, in a closing ceremony, they share the project in front of the gram panchayat, school management committee, parents and other stakeholders.

CEL Kids Hackathon

Code on Wheels

Program Highlights

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