Student Coding Program

CEL Student Coding Program is a well-crafted program designed for students. The goal is to empower them to use coding as a medium of self expression and problem solving. The Expert Facilitator of CEL works directly with students to create amazing learning experiences for children..

Teacher Coding Program

CEL Teacher Coding Program is a well-crafted program designed for teachers. The goal is to empower them to facilitate coding sessions for children in grade 4-9. They get access to researched curriculum and engaging pedagogies and are trained to deliver them effectively and efficiently.

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CEL Kids Hackathon

CEL Kids Hackathon is an annual collaborative coding event for students in grades 5 to grade 9 to help them begin their coding journey and showcase their coding talent. The students would be required to participate in pairs.

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Other Programs

Other Programs


1. CEL Super Touch Workshop

CEL Super Touch Workshop is a free introductory one-time coding workshop which would happen every Saturday fortnightly. Children will,
  • Be introduced to 45+ hours of CEL open source resources and strategies.
  • Make animation and games to express and solve contextual problems.
  • Use smartphones/desktop/laptop to code as per the availability.
  • Remote support via email post session
Duration: 90 minutes on Zoom Time: Fortnightly on Saturday at, 2 pm for Pocket Code (for Smartphone) and 4 pm for Scratch (Laptop/Desktop) Registration: After registration you get the link for the session for the immediate next session on Saturday. Sign up here. Prerequisite:
  • Smartphone/Desktop/Laptop
  • Grade 4 Level in English Literacy

2. CEL CS Unplugged Challenge

CEL CS Unplugged Challenge for kids is a weekly challenge for kids from grade 6-9 to master CS concepts to build 21st century skills.

Children need 21st century skills to thrive in the innovative world today.

In a survey, only 30% of the children have access to smart phones at home from marginalized communities. It’s a great opportunity to build 21st century skills using smartphones.

Computer Science concepts are principles based on which your computer works. It is one of the amazing ways to build critical thinking, creativity and other 21st century skills in children. CS concepts are fun and exciting!

We will be offering weekly challenges to children from grade 6-9 about the CS concepts in an unplugged manner.

These challenges will help children to appreciate CS concepts without needing computer i.e.  The unplugged way. They would spend 1+ hour per week using the phone to watch a learning video and engage in fun relevant activities. Activities like how a computer determines the shortest route as in Google apps.

Parents sign-up their children for the challenge. The registered participants would receive a weekly challenge through email. The challenge would consist of a video introducing a CS concept in a fun way followed by a task on it. The children will watch the video to learn the concept, finish the challenge, click a picture of their task and submit the picture through Google Forms.

Lucky winners with the correct response to the challenge will get their work recognized on websites and social media and also win prizes.