What a post graduate in computer science has to talk about the coding session?


I have done my masters in Computer Science and I personally love to develop new things in computer through coding. When I read about Code to Enhance Learning, I instantly got connected by the idea and can’t resist myself from contacting them.

I went to one of the center near Lal Darwaja, Ahmedabad last Saturday.  Although kids’ Navratri vacation was already started they came for this session with so much enthusiasm. They learnt about how to make a Book which was first modeled to them and then they made their own book on their favorite topic with their own ideas.  I was so glad to see the curiosity of each and every student for making something new and different.

Best thing I noticed was whenever any kid had any doubt they didn’t ask directly to their teacher but they first tried to solve it by their own intellectual skill and ask their doubt only if they can’t solve it by their own trial and error method.  I guess this is how coding is learnt where they learn through trial and error methods instead of immediately getting solution which improves their thought process and makes them better performer.

Moreover, whenever they got to know something new they instantly shared it with their friends and constantly trying to help each other. I felt that they were enjoying coding like playing their favorite games with their friends. Ten minutes before the session get over they all sat in a circle sharing their experiences and even presented whatever they have made to whole class.

It was actually a great opportunity for me to be present in the class and observing spark of coding in the eyes of many talented kids. Thanks a lot to Code to Enhance Learning for introducing this new and a much needed hobby to this generation. According to me, Code to Enhance Learning is working hard for finding and nourishing talent of coding in the students of elementary grade through their very precise and easy to understand curriculum.


Nidhi Dori

We invite people in class to observe and be part of the class to learn coding. We urge people to share their experience of being a part of the class so that we can capture the experience, publish it on the blog and give hundreds of people a chance to be part of the experience. Here, is one such blog written by Nidhi Doria, apost graduate in computer science who currently works in banking sector, sharing her experience of being in the coding class of Code to Enhance Learning on 13 October 2018.