Learn to code with HTML, CSS & JavaScript


Learn to code with HTML, CSS & JavaScript

The Internet has increased our global reach through various websites and web applications. Moreover, it’s quick and easy now to access, process and send information for different purposes from across the globe. This course on HTML-CSS-JavaScript is a well thought experience for kids to further nurture their creative abilities with computers after the fundamental exposure on Scratch. This course introduces them to basic technologies that go behind web development and empower them with concepts and skills to make simple webpage and web application.

Features and benefits:
  • Scaffold exposure to concept of Tags, Attributes, DOM and other programming concepts make learning easy
  • Builds strong fundamentals to grasp further advanced technologies with each lesson focused on researched concepts
  • Encourages children to create their own basic web products about their surrounding
  • Visual Studio Code environment to facilitate the usage of syntax
Course 4 has 10 lessons each of 90 minutes spiraled around 2 themes which helps them build a basic webpage and web application to express themselves and solve problems.
Moreover, various tasks and assessments in each lesson would give ample opportunities to children to practice targeted concepts and master them.

1. Introduction to Web page

2. My Simple Web page

3. My Colorful Web page with Pictures

4. Quickly Changing the Appearance

5. Design of Multipage Website

6. Clicking the Buttons 1

7. Clicking the Buttons 2

8. Setting the Design of Quiz Application

9. Is it right or wrong?

10. What is the score