Women's Day Celebration + Exposure Visit

On 7 March 2018, the kids from Shama School enrolled in Code to Enhance Learning program visited Ahmedabad University’s School of Applied Science and Engineering to explore the space, meet faculty and students and see the relentless work they do each day in field of computer science and other engineering stream so that it helps them get exposed to the field, make connections with themselves and the work they do currently in the coding program in school, envision and dream about their future and make informed choices about it.  The whole program from the University was coordinated by the Women Empowerment Cell of the University and that’s how we got to celebrate the Women’s Day also. 🙂
During the visit, the kids got to visit labs of computer science, mechanical and chemical engineering where they got to see different chemical experiments, robots and algorithms of logic games presented by students of the University and later they got a chance to interact with the faculty of the university as well.
In addition to exposure to the technical side, I found this visit a great way to face fear to talk to others, build social skills, see and meet different people from the society which I think really boosts confidence and helps kids challenge the status quo of their current thinking and dreams and helps them go big. Also, as they where received with so much love and care it builds security in mind and makes them feel loved and have a sense of belonging which I believe even further boosts confidence and helps them to initiate things and contribute to others.
In future, with Code to Enhance Learning program, I envision that how community of people from universities and organization could be developed who all could make concerted efforts as per their feasibility to help kids make connections, think, dream and envision things about their future which will help them make informed choices.
– Irfan Lalani